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i have a string like: " thisissometext". i want to find all text files inside a given directory ( recursively) that containg this string, or any variations of it with white spaces and/ or newlines in the middle of it. this looks like a behavior difference in the handling of \ s between grep 2. 5 and newer versions ( a bug in old grep?

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i confirm your result with grep 2. 4, but all four of your greps do work when using grep 2. and when i use grep to get the line that has a space before.

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pdf, i can' t seem to get it. pdf example returns nothing, ( i want to say, " grep, match zero or more spaces before. pdf", but no result) and if i use: grep i*. pdf example kali.

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grep ignoring spaces or tabs i want to grep daemon. 10 on all reports to make sure it is pointing to the right ip address.

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The problems is the space between debug and are different on all the reports, grep ignoring white space books some have one space some have two and some have tabs how do i ignore the tabs or spaces and grep daemon.